Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Recycled Magazine Page Bows

Here are some of the recycled bows I made this winter for the recycled craft sale and here's how you make them.
These are the supplies you need to make them. A paper cutter (or scissors), a few good magazine pages, and a stapler or some tape.
Here is the magazine page that I used for my bow.
First you need to cut the magazine strips into 3/4 inch strips. You'll need 9 strips and a normal magazine page can do about 10 strips.
3 of the strips need to stay their full length,
3 of the strips need 1 inch cut off,
2 of the strips need 2 inches cut off, and
1 of the strips needs to be pretty short probably like 4 inches off but you can eyeball it later.
These are pretty easy to make just twist the strips and tape or staple them in the middle. I like using tape because it's not as bulky as staples.
This is the next stage where you use the 3 longest strips and I use a tape roll in between each of them but you could staple at this part too.
then you keep layering the smaller strips on top of the larger ones... then roll the smallest strip into a circle and stick it in the middle after you've added all the other strips

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  1. Great idea, Rachel. We just pinned this bow to 3 of our boards. Do you have a Pinterest acct? We'd like to follow you. ^.^
    Marie Renn (aka KidsBuzz at