Monday, November 9, 2009

Leaving the lights on...

So, today I accidentally left the lights on in the car I was using while parked out behind the Cornerstone Grill on Cedar st. (Where I usually park when I go to my economics class) It was raining horribly and I swore a little when I realized it (not one of my proudest moments today). I grabbed my umbrella and swam (walked, whatever) all the way over to another parking lot on the Pacific campus where my mom's van was parked. I drove her van over to the parking lot with the car in it. I then put the car in neutral and pushed it back while steering and while being rained on, and slipping and sliding around in the lake which was previously the parking lot. Then I ran over to the van to pull it up next to the car to jump it. I opened both of the hoods and tried to connect the jumper cables, but they were too far apart! I had to run over to the drivers side of the van to pull it forward a little more so the cords could reach. I connected the cords and started the van, then I ran back to the car to start that, and then ran back to the van to rev the engine a little to pump some extra juice into the car battery. After that I turned off the van but let the car run for a little while while I took off the cables and pulled it back into my previous parking spot. Then I brought the van back into my mom's previous parking spot and breast-stroked back to the car.

I went to turn on the car for the second time and it WOULDN'T START AGAIN! It was then I decided to call my mom and ask her to bring the van over to help me. She said she would be there in about 7 minutes. During that time I pushed the car back so we could attach the cables again and during that time I laughed aloud. I never realized before today that God was so much like my earthly father. He too loves to play practical jokes on me! Teasing me by showing me that the car was working when it actually didn't when I needed it, but not going too far. It wasn't as bad as it could have been because I happened to have the keys to the van, and my umbrella, it was a light day of classes for me, so I had time to be running (or swimming) around on a wild goose chase, and in the end my mom had some spare time to help me out of my bind so I didn't have to walk home! Thanks God for keeping me looking to the sunny side!

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